Melissa’s Story

Melissa’s Story

When my husband passed away, the good parts of my life seemed to die too. I was on my own, so I threw myself completely into my work and became successful in my career. But I worked well beyond reasonable limits and practiced no healthy work boundaries.

I was a master at burying my grief, but it was a survival mechanism that no longer served me well. I was overtired and in very serious need of some care and support. I was unable to manage myself, my apartment, or my finances.

I was having a breakdown.

When I realized I was about to be homeless, I came across Jubilee Women’s Center. I read about their program, watched several of their videos, and read each woman’s story. I began to feel hope in my heart. I printed out the application and just knew somehow that if I were accepted, I would be able to stand on my own again sometime soon.

When I moved in, I felt cared for in my fragile and complex state. I could let my guard down. Together with my case manager, I carved out a plan for me to settle in and get some rest, some counseling, and set goals that would make me stronger and teach me better coping mechanisms.

In the future, I plan to take full advantage of the Matched Saving Program. If I save money monthly, at the end of 20 months my savings will be matched two to one. I’ll be able to use this money to relaunch myself and get a place of my own.

Thanks to Jubilee, I now believe this is possible!