Maggie’s Story

Maggie’s Story

I was homeless for a long time – about ten years.

When I came to Jubilee, the most immediate change I experienced was routine. I’d spent so long on the streets that everything I did was based on opportunities right in front of me. Learning to follow a routine was important to me because it’s the first building block in having a future.

The other ladies at Jubilee were a good influence on me. It was difficult adjusting to life with “normal” people, but I’d see them get up and get dressed, and I wanted to be able to do that, too. When people noticed I wasn’t leaving the house, I was encouraged to join groups I could be a part of, and I learned how to take the bus to places I needed to be.

Jubilee changed my life.

I’m learning to take care of myself, build routines, and become more independent. I’d lost myself, and now I’m free to be who I really am. I enjoy being me! I had to re-introduce myself to me and learn to like myself despite bad things I’ve experienced, but it’s getting better. I’ve been able to reconcile with my daughter and see my grandkids. I’m sober. I’ve reconnected with my faith. I’m looking forward to getting stronger so I can live independently and be a grandma.