Julie Has Hope for Her Future

Julie Has Hope for Her Future

Before coming to Jubilee, Julie experienced a lifetime of mental and physical abuse, and for many years she struggled with physical health issues, mental health issues, and drug addiction. This led to multiple instances of going to rehab, relapsing, living in her car, and even some time in prison.

Throughout this time, Julie tried multiple times to change her life.

“I worked so hard to get my life together,” she said. “But I didn’t have any credit, and I didn’t make enough money to fulfill the rent formula,” she says, which is monthly rent payment x3.

Julie dreamed of being a care giver, but that dream seemed far out of her reach.

Feeling like she was out of options and had nowhere to go, Julie lost all hope.

But then, a local church connected Julie with Jubilee. She was excited to move in and begin a new life.

Right away, Julie was eager to get a job. She had experience in retail and grocery merchandising and was motivated to start working again.

Instead, she was encouraged to take a break, rest, and take care of herself. She needed time to heal from her past trauma, physical pain, and mental health issues.

It was hard to do this, as she recalls. “I remember thinking, ‘Please don’t throw me away!’” For years she believed she was never enough, and she was afraid of what would happen if she wasn’t able to contribute through working.

But Jubilee welcomed her with open arms, and she became part of the family.

Your investment in Julie’s future gave her an opportunity to make real and lasting changes.

She’s taken vocational training to change her career and started medication for her mental health. She’s also saved over $2,000 through Jubilee’s Matched Savings Program, which means Julie is well on her way to meeting the financial expectations of signing a lease.

Now Julie is working part time at her dream job as a care giver, and she’s making twice as much per hour as she did as a merchandiser. She hopes to start working full time hours with benefits, and wants her own place with a little yard.

“I would love a little yard for my bee hives, and to decorate everything in pink, and invite people over.”

The most transformative experience Julie’s had at Jubilee is feeling loved and knowing that people really cared about her.

“I found a family,” she said. “People don’t judge me, but believe that I have value. They say good things about me, and give me a chance.”

This newfound empowerment has given Julie the strength to set boundaries against unhealthy relationships, stay in recovery, and to make better decisions.

“I’m learning to communicate effectively and professionally, especially through conflict. I’m getting coached in professional attitude and I get constructive feedback. I can make mistakes and learn new skills in a safe environment.”

YOU made this possible. Because of your support, Julie has a safe place to heal from past trauma, grow in her career goals, and learn new leadership skills. THANK YOU.